Emergency Dental Help

Do you require emergency dental help, or are you planning for a 'what if' scenario where you might need a dentist in an emergency in the future? If so and you are local to Fareham then you won't find better dental care and treatments than those provided by Martin at Martin Murray Dentistry.

Martin can provide a range of dental treatments. Our advice is if an emergency situation has arisen then don't put off seeing a dentist to get the problem sorted. If left untreated the problem can become worse overtime meaning more expense and time in the dentist chair which could of been avoided.

If you would like further confirmation of the quality service and dental treatments Martin provides, please click HERE to read the previous testimonials he has received.

If you need Martin in an emergency for a dental treatment, then please do not hesitate to call 01329 280 815. We will be able to assist you further.

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