Gleam with Teeth Whitening in Gosport

Tooth discolouration can occur for a number of reasons and can occur in children and adults alike. Teeth can discolour internally and externally and common causes can be the enamel becoming stained from things like coffee or red wine, fizzy drinks or strongly coloured foods. Also, the inner structure of a tooth can become yellowed for a few different reasons.

A dentist can diagnose the type of discolouration and can usually help to restore the colour of the teeth that are stained or yellowing. In the majority of situations, you can choose for your mouth to gleam with teeth whitening, and that is where Martin Murray Dentistry can assist.

If you are based in Gosport, or indeed the following areas, then Martin is able to check and diagnose your teeth and advise on the best tooth whitening measure that can be used to lighten your teeth:

  • Hampshire
  • Portsmouth
  • Fareham

He will provide you with the best advice to take home too, such as washing out your mouth with water after drinking or eating darkly coloured food and drink and how to brush effectively.

If you would like to find out more, please contact the Tadley or Fareham practices today.